Every Member a Missionary
And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. – Mark 16:15
Our desire is to encourage every member of the American church to be missionary minded. With this purpose in mind, we offer an “Every Member a Missionary” weekend to churches in America. The training and sharing is focused on understanding missions and missionaries as well as personal discipleship. We believe that every Christian should be actively serving God in a ministry.
Are you interested? One of our teachers will come to your church for an Every Member a Missionary weekend.
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Training New Teachers
Training is offered for groups of individuals interested in becoming an Master’s Bible School short term missionary. We require a minimum of six students before MBS America can be scheduled in a region. Two Master’s Bible School teachers will come to a central location where the students will spend 5-10 days learning each module. We only ask that our teacher’s travel, food and lodging expenses are covered. Expenses for students should be covered by the student or the hosting church.
Any student receiving MBS America training is agreeing to accompany Master’s Bible School on at least one trip overseas within three years of their training.
It is extremely difficult to be trained in all the curriculum in such a short period of time. The MBS America training sessions only cover a few of our key classes. Further training sessions may be scheduled until the curriculum is completed. If this is not feasible, mentoring is available. In mentoring, the student assists a head teacher with the classes they are familiar with and joins the national students (overseas) in the classes of which they have yet to be trained. Once a student has completed training and/or mentoring in our curriculum, they will be certified as a Master’s Bible School head teacher.
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